Three Tips for After You Receive A Job Offer

Congratulations, you’ve been offered the job! Now, what comes next? Here at Med-Scribe, our recruiters will work with you every step of the way, even after you secure the initial offer. Here are three tips we recommend once you’ve officially received an offer.

Tip #1: Take your time

This might seem like a silly one, but don’t rush into accepting an offer! While you’re considering it, send a thank you note for the job offer and establish a timeline with which you’ll be in touch. Remember to discuss with your family and ensure that you can secure necessary personal arrangements to allow for taking on a new position.  Most employers don’t expect an immediate response, so use this time to work with your recruiter and decide if the offer meets your expectations and how you’d like to proceed if it doesn’t.

Tip #2: Consider all aspects of the offer

While usually the salary is the most attention-grabbing part of the offer, our recruiters will work with candidates to go through all areas of the offer, such as the starting date, benefits, and expected hours. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the details and understand what’s ahead.

Tip #3: Know when to negotiate

Negotiating is typically the step in the process that makes candidates the most nervous. But that’s what we’re here for! Sometimes, there is no wiggle room for the employer or the initial offer is appropriate for the market. However, if this doesn’t seem to be the case – your recruiter will help you counter the offer and is armed with information ahead of time surrounding your hopes and expectations for a salary and important benefits for your lifestyle.

These are some of the steps we take to negotiate that salary:

  1. We start with an open discussion about salary – our recruiters will outline whether a counter offer may be appropriate for the position you are offered. Many clients have contractual obligations that may prevent them from offering flexible salaries, but in instances where a client may be open to a counter offer, your recruiter will walk you through the process. 
  2. Next, we will inquire about your desired salary relative to the position you are being offered. Remember to be realistic; take into consideration your education, past experience level, along with the average market rates being offered in your area. Ask your recruiter if you are unsure! Once you have settled on the dollar figure to counter, your recruiter will confirm that you are ready and willing to accept at that pay rate should the client approve the increase. We strongly recommend against proceeding with a counter offer if you are otherwise unsure that the position would be a good fit for you. 
  3. Finally, our recruiters will open an honest dialogue with our client regarding the counter offer. We will go to bat for you and will be sure your experience and education levels are being considered! The client will make the final decision on the salary figure offered, whether they match your counter offer, stick with the original offer, or settle on a dollar amount somewhere between.  

If you have questions for us after hearing back from an employer with good news, we’re here to help and work with you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to help you succeed in the career of your dreams. Learn more about our team of recruiters here, how to yield results with your job search here, and our resume builder toolkit here.

Here’s Your Resume-Building Toolkit

Searching for a new job can be especially challenging if you’re not fully prepared. Although there are numerous factors that affect the outcome of your job search, your resume is among the most important and it is often overlooked. A strong resume can mean the difference between landing your dream job or hearing that another candidate was hired instead. Your resume is truly one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal – make sure to use it to your advantage! Here are some tips to help you revamp your resume and give you a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Keep it Organized

The purpose of your resume is to provide a summary of your qualifications and experience in a simple 1-2 page outline. You’ll want to organize your resume in a clear and concise format so the hiring manager can easily find the information needed. Clear labels for each section such as Work History, Education, and Skills, will also improve readability. When describing your job duties, a bulleted list to outline your core responsibilities is a better choice than using long paragraphs.

Microsoft Word, along with other free word processing software like Google Docs is a good place to build your resume. Templates can be a great resource when you are first starting to build your resume, but be sure to choose a template that suits your qualifications closely. Many templates are more complex than necessary and frequently cause challenges with employer’s applicant tracking systems (ATS). You should also avoid leaving sections of the template unfilled, as that can detract from professionalism. Critically, never forget to spell check and proofread! Simple errors in spelling or grammar can negatively impact a manager’s first impression of you. Don’t let a simple typo come between you and your dream job!

Keep it Simple

It’s important to remember that hiring managers may have hundreds of resumes in their inbox for a single job opportunity. It’s important for your resume to make an impact quickly! Resumes that are difficult to read will most likely not pass the initial screening process, so simplicity is key. Refrain from using fancy fonts, unusual colors or formatting, backgrounds, pictures, or borders. Make sure that you’re consistent with your formatting throughout the entire resume as well. A resume with numerous different fonts, colors, and sizes can be challenging to read. A resume should showcase your professional qualifications, not your artistic abilities!

Keep it Accurate

It is important that your resume accurately reflects your past work experience and current qualifications. Dates of employment are critical and should be illustrated on the resume for all positions held. Keeping a resume copy that you continually update is a great way to keep track of your employment dates into the future. If you’re unsure of your dates – you can always contact the HR department of your past employers. Accuracy when representing your education is also critical. Remember, if a degree or diploma is in process, it should be noted as such on your resume! Prior to submitting your resume for consideration, be sure to review it thoroughly for any errors or updates that need to be made. Remember that honesty is always the best policy!

4 Ways to Make 2022 the Best Professional Year of Your Life

There is no denying just how challenging these past couple years have been. It can be difficult to focus on your own personal and professional growth with so much uncertainty in the world. With this in mind, we wanted to share some tips to help guide you as we welcome the new year. 

Be conscious of your perspective 

“It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see” – Henry David Thoreau 

Mindset and perspective are powerful tools in life. Oftentimes we are not conscious of our inner dialogue and it simply speaks freely like a constant white noise in our lives. This seemingly harmless flow of thoughts has immense power over your perspective. You could even be hindering your own success if you find that your inner dialogue sounds eerily similar to Eeyore! Numerous studies have discovered a direct correlation between positive mindset and improved overall health and happiness. A positive mindset can also help manage stress which in turn can increase your productivity and ultimately your success both personally and professionally.

Consider additional education 

Recent events have led to greater opportunities for remote learning. What better way to advance your career then to earn a degree at home! Higher education can help you to stand out from your peers and get your resume to the top of the list. College can provide you with networking opportunities and a chance to explore different areas of interest as well. The financial benefits from earning a degree are also quite substantial. According to a 2020 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with an associate’s degree earn $157 more per week than those with only a high school diploma whereas those with a bachelors earn $524 more per week! If you’re not quite prepared to commit to enrolling in a degree program, certifications can also add value to your skill set and resume.

Actualize your dreams 

If these past couple years have taught us anything it’s that life is too short to not chase your dreams. Whether it’s learning a new skill, traveling, landing your dream job, or improving your health – chase it. Write down your dreams and then create small goals as the stepping stones towards actualizing those dreams. After you’ve written everything down, take that paper and put it somewhere you will see every day to keep you motivated and focused. Remember that personal and professional growth is not without its challenges, but if you refuse to accept defeat then soon you will see your dreams become a reality. 

Schedule time to decompress 

Your mental and physical health can be an easy thing to overlook in today’s society. It can often seem as if there is simply not enough time in the day to accomplish your to-do list much less to take a moment for yourself. Functioning in a perpetually rushed and stressed state will eventually take its toll on you though. One way to avoid this outcome is to schedule relaxation time into your day. In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin – “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Planning your days will ensure a higher level of productivity and a lower level of stress all while honing your time management and organizational skills. During your relaxation time, try to avoid electronics and instead opt for spending time in nature like taking a walk outside or reading a book in a park. 

Position Feature: What is an RN UAS Assessor with Med-Scribe?

If you’re an RN looking for a position with flexibility, benefits, and fair compensation, consider applying to join our RN UAS team! As a UAS Assessor, you will complete an interview with a patient and finalize a UAS assessment to determine eligibility for Long Term Care services. This role is available in both full-time and part-time positions with a starting pay of $56.50 an hour. Hiring is currently happening now with new training sessions occurring monthly. If this sounds like a career you’d like to apply for, keep reading to learn about the specifics of the position and qualifications.

Image from Pexels

What does an RN UAS Assessor do?

As mentioned, in this role, you will complete an interview with a patient to determine their eligibility for Long Term Care Services. Assessments are now 50% field-based and 50% telehealth. You will typically schedule about 2-3 assessments a day. Your days will be evenly split between telehealth (remote) assessments and field-based assessments where you will need to travel to the patient’s location.

If you’re an experienced home health RN who is looking to step away from direct patient care, this would be a great opportunity for you! You will still have the chance to provide critical health care to your patients but without the physicality of direct care. The UAS assessments you complete will help better align your patient’s services with their needs in the home.

Do I need to work weekends?

Not at all! This position is Monday-Friday from 9-5, 35-40 hours a week. For full-time employees, overtime is available for weekend and night assessments!

If you’d prefer a part-time position, you must be available to work 15+ hours a week and be available to train full time for a period of approximately 2-3 weeks (part-time training is available for candidates who have prior UAS experience from within the past year).

What kind of benefits are available?

Our RN UAS candidates have medical insurance, with no waiting period! We also supply vision insurance, pet insurance, PTO, paid holidays, vacation pay, and a 401k with employee match. The salary is $56.50 an hour (depending on experience) with weekly paychecks! Please note, no mileage reimbursement is offered for travel.

What regions have openings?

The following list is all the current places that we are looking for RN UAS candidates. Once you decide on which region is best for you, you can expect traveling, but only within that region. 

We’re looking for RN UAS candidates willing to work in:

  • Orange, Sullivan, Ulster
  • Putnam and Dutchess
  • Westchester and Rockland
  • Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Western NY including Erie or Monroe
  • Albany
  • North Country

Will I have to buy my own equipment?

While you will be responsible for transportation to and from assessments, we will provide a laptop, cell phone, and additional work equipment as needed. 

What are the necessary qualifications?

Here are the minimum qualifications to be considered to join our team of RN UAS assessors:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing is highly preferred.
  • At least 2 years of home care experience are required.
  • At least 1 year of UAS experience accepted in lieu of home care experience.
  • Proficient computer skills are required preferred 35 WPM typing speed.

Sound like the job for you?

We’d love for you to join our team! You can apply here

If you’re still on the fence and want to hear from current RN UAS assessors on the team, watch the video below!

Testimonial: We’ll find what’s right for you

We appreciate that no job is a “one size fits all” scenario. We’re passionate about helping jobseekers find what’s right for them. We take the time to sit down with all of our candidates and learn exactly what they’re looking for, along with exactly what they’re not. Watch the video below to hear more about Jordan’s experience finding a career through Med-Scribe.

“They worked so hard with my contracting agency.” We worked diligently to create a plan that allows for flexibility and time off after hearing the wonderful news that Jordan was going to be a foster parent!

Jordan is still happily employed as a CAS assessor at Med-Scribe with her 2 year anniversary quickly approaching!

Our team at Med-Scribe has helped thousands of candidates find jobs right for them. To get the best results out of your experience working with Med-Scribe, it is important that you express what is most important to YOU when considering a new position. Our friendly recruiters will ask you about your desired pay rate, schedule, commute time (or preference for remote work), and benefits needs. It is also critical to let us know the type of work you are seeking – do you love working with customers, or do you prefer more of a behind-the-scenes role with limited customer interaction for example. Do you enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to grow?  The more detail you can provide, the more accurately we can match you with that “best fit” position that you’ve been looking for!  

While we are always dedicated to finding each candidate a position as soon as possible, we also want to take the time to discuss what works best for you and your vision for your future. We can help negotiate salary and benefits and care about your needs as an employee first and foremost. It’s so important to us to be listeners and provide a stress-free, supportive experience. We’re cheering you on and want to help you succeed in any way that we can.

If you’d like to see more testimonials and to learn more about Med-Scribe, visit our website here.

Position Feature: What is a CAS Assessor with Med-Scribe?

One of our current featured opportunities is to join our team of CAS Assessors. By becoming a CAS Assessor with Med-Scribe, you will have access to amazing benefits, a flexible schedule, annual raises, and a salary starting at $23 an hour. At Med-Scribe, we emphasize to our candidates the importance of a healthy work/life balance, and this position is a chance to exercise that while doing a job that gives back with great pay. Keep reading for the breakdown of some of the most frequently asked questions about what it’s like to work with our awesome CAS Assessors.

Photo by Cliff Booth from Pexels 

What exactly does a CAS Assessor do?

CAS Assessors perform person-centered CAS (Coordinated Assessment System) to determine an individual’s strengths, needs, and interests. While work is currently done remotely, usually (and likely in the near future), CAS Assessors travel to the homes of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. There, they perform assessments and look at all areas of the individual’s life such as their living skills, health, behavior, and interests. CAS Assessors are a critical part of the OPWDD system in NYS, with their assessment results serving to better align each individual’s benefits with their critical needs. 

What kind of hours would I be working?

CAS Assessors work an average of 40 hours a week. What’s unique about the position is that you make your own schedule by scheduling the appointments, meaning it might not always follow your standard 9-5. This is a job great for people with weekend and night availability. You also might need to travel to neighboring counties for select appointments.

You mentioned amazing benefits. What does that include?

Like all Med-Scribe positions, our CAS Assessors will receive our impressive benefits package! This includes medical, vision, and pet insurance, along with PTO, vacation, paid holidays, and a 401k with an employer match.

What are the necessary qualifications?

We ask for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to join our CAS Assessor team. However, we accept over 25 different majors that are related to the human services field! Having at least one year of post-educational experience working with the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) population is required. also preferred.

I’d like to apply! Where can I?

We’d love to have you on our team! You can apply for this position here. To find this position specifically, look for #660319 and choose which county you would be willing to work within. If you have any other questions about the position, you can reach out to us directly here and we’re happy to go more in-depth!