How to Yield Results with your Job Search

Job hunting can be a tough process, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself by following some of the tips we’ve outlined in this article. These have been collected through our own experiences working with job candidates, along with research and knowledge from the employer perspective. Even if you’re not currently in the throes of searching, be sure to keep these in mind! 

Make sure your resume is up-to-date and accurate 

In a survey conducted by Resume Builder, only 1 in 4 American workers affected by Covid updated their resume. While taking the time to comb through your current resume might feel tedious, it has been proven to pay off in the long run. Your resume is essentially the first impression a hiring manager will have of you. A well-written resume that provides a clear summary of your work experience and qualifications will ensure the best first impression. Be sure your dates of employment are accurate and that the document is free of any typos or spelling errors. Try to avoid simply copying and pasting the job description of your previous positions on your resume. Instead, use bullet points to accurately list your core responsibilities and achievements. You also want your resume to be visually appealing by using a simple and consistent format throughout the document. Keep in mind that hiring managers are often receiving hundreds of resumes for a single job posting! By submitting an organized and concise resume, a hiring manager will be able to find the information they need with ease which leads you one step closer to an interview. 

Do your research 

Our Recruiters at Med-Scribe always stress the importance of finding a job that not only meets your needs, but also provides a sense of satisfaction and work-life balance. While it may be tempting to apply to a multitude of positions to increase your odds of being selected for an interview, this may lead to dissatisfaction in the long run. Before applying to a job, take the time to thoroughly read the job description. Make sure that the job duties align with your experience and that you meet the minimum qualifications. Applying to jobs that you do not qualify for can lead to burn out both on your end and on the hiring managers end. You also want to ensure that the requested schedule and pay rate would be a fit for your needs. Unless a job posting specifically states that there is room for negotiation, most often the stated schedule and pay rate is firm. Lastly, research the company to make sure their values and business model would be a good fit for you. Reviewing their company website, employee testimonials and customer reviews can provide a wealth of information and insight into whether that company would be a good fit for you or not.  

Monitor your phone calls and emails 

Don’t let a missed call or email cost you your dream job! After applying to a job, make sure to monitor your phone calls and emails for any communications from the hiring manager. Keep in mind that emails may go into your spam box as well. If you are busy during the day and unavailable to answer your phone, make sure your voicemail box is empty and that your voicemail message is professional. Be sure to return any missed calls within 24 hours! Remember that hiring managers are reviewing hundreds of applicants so you don’t want to miss your opportunity to schedule an interview. If you happen to be caught off-guard by a phone call and are unable to present yourself in a professional manner, simply ask if you can give them a call back in a few moments so you can move to a quiet location.

Be honest with yourself and the hiring manager   

Honesty is always the best policy! Take the time to assess your career goals to determine which type of position would truly satisfy you and be the best fit for your needs. Make sure to only apply to positions that you believe will be a good fit for you. If you happen to decide after an interview that maybe that position is not your cup of tea, don’t be afraid to speak up. Hiring managers would much rather have you inform them after an interview that you are no longer interested then have you unsatisfied in the position and potentially resigning soon after starting. By being honest with yourself and the hiring managers, you can ensure that both your time and theirs is spent more efficiently. 

Work with a staffing agency (Like Med-Scribe!)

Our goal at Med-Scribe is to help candidates in medical and administrative fields to find their dream career. We use an individualized approach to work with you and obtain a clear understanding of your career goals and what type of position would be the best fit for you. We then advocate for you and reach out to our clients on your behalf to arrange interviews. There are no fees for our services and we will never stop rooting for you. We want you to find that perfect position just as much as you do! If you have any questions about our process and if being a part of the Med-Scribe team is the right career move for you, please visit our website at or contact us via email at or at this toll-free number: 1-800-278-1463. 

Why is now a great time to seek a profession in healthcare?


At Med-Scribe, we know the job hunting experience can be a long and winding road. Oftentimes, the hardest part is getting started. Sorting through the many jobs listed across multiple hiring platforms might feel overwhelming. We’re only human over here, so we understand that procrastinating on the search is a pit that we all fall into now and again. However, we’re here to tell you that now is the time to start your search. And don’t worry––we’re here to help.

So, why now?

During the past two years, the need for healthcare workers has skyrocketed. Healthcare is considered a recession-proof career and is expected to grow more than any other profession in the next decade.

Hospitals and private practices are hungrier than ever for employees. In the state of New York, nursing homes and hospitals have lost thousands of workers for a number of reasons including the recent vaccine mandate. This has created staffing shortages as we head into the fall and winter months, which are typically exceptionally busy times in healthcare. Because of this, we have seen some cases of increased wages, sign-on bonuses, and other unique benefits for job candidates at this time. While each job has its own set of requirements and expectations, it is an opportune time to be a candidate in this market with the number of new openings and accessible opportunities.

That’s where we come in. At Med-Scribe, we keep a close eye on administrative and clinical positions that we feel would best match the preferences and skillsets of our candidates. 

While there is always a need for healthcare professionals, right now presents a remarkable time to seek employment due to the shortages. Our communities need your help and we would love to assist in finding you the right home. To learn more about our application process, visit




Join our team! Your pets will thank you


When searching for employment, we understand that staring at job description after job description can get overwhelming. Determining the pros and cons of each position and company might not be immediately apparent. We want to take a moment to highlight one benefit we offer all employees that we’re very proud to include.

We offer pet insurance!!

You read that right! Among our other benefits such as medical and vision insurance, PTO, vacation, paid holidays, and 401k with employer match, we also want to take care of your furry friends at home. We’re big animal lovers here on Team Med-Scribe, so we understand the importance of having a career that supports not only yourself but your pets as well. When you join our staff, your benefits will typically become activated right away with no waiting period. We value you (and your pets!) from day one.

Our pet insurance is offered Nationwide and includes options that fit every budget. Multi-pet discounts are available, so you can maximize your coverage without breaking the bank. The plan offers cashback on all eligible vet bills, and with flexible options, each employee can choose 90%, 70%, or 50% coverage levels. Included in the pet insurance policy is access to a 24/7 unlimited veterinary professional helpline, online or mobile claims submissions, along discounts offered for numerous pet products and services. Eligible pets include dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, along with exotic pets such as geckos, ferrets, large birds, and even snakes! Ask us today if your pet might be eligible for pet insurance!

How can you make sure that you and your pets are insured as soon as possible?

Join our team! We’re expanding every day and have numerous positions open. You can view available opportunities here. Once you determine which might be the best fit for you, fill out the online application.  

We’re excited to welcome you and your pet to the team! Meet the pets currently under Med-Scribe care:


Position Feature: What is a Float Medical Assistant with Med-Scribe?

Med-scribe’s primary care float staff are starting at a NEW higher rate of $18/hr. and travel is minimal!  We’re seeing many Primary Care Offices in the area hungry for help and in need of having an extra set of hands-on their team. Our permanent, full-time employees support primary care offices with professional assistance throughout patient encounters. Some people might shy away from the idea of being a Float Medical Assistant because the term “float” sparks feelings of job insecurity or the need to travel. However, that isn’t the case at all! We’re going to break down what exactly a Float Medical Assistant does and what you can expect from this exciting position as a Med-Scribe hire.

What does being part of a “float staff” mean?

Joining our float staff means that you would be hired full-time to join our team of healthcare professionals with the intent to provide coverage at offices throughout Monroe County. You would be assigned as a full-time employee to various medical offices we serve whenever they need help. Not only does this give you ample opportunities to get your foot in the door with Primary Care Offices, but it also will expand your skillset. Many offices work slightly differently than others, so having a wide array of experiences and connections is an amazing resume booster and networking device.

Would I have to work crazy hours?

Not at all! As a Float Medical Assistant, you would typically work 40 hours a week Monday-Friday. There are no weekend, evening, or holiday hours required. In fact, if the office you are assigned to closes early, you are still paid for a full 8-hour shift! Your 40-hour schedule is guaranteed! This allows for a healthy work/life balance and especially might be of interest to those with little ones at home.

But what about benefits?

Med-Scribe float staff receive medical insurance, vision insurance, pet insurance, PTO, vacation, paid holidays, and a 401k with employer match. Plus, most benefits don’t have a waiting period before they’re activated. It’s a win on both ends! Compare our benefits to other agencies, and you’ll see the difference – we have a terrific Excellus BCBS plan that is accepted at most medical offices.

What are the responsibilities of a Float Medical Assistant?

As a Float Medical Assistant, you will perform clinical duties such as rooming patients, taking vitals including EKGs, setting up procedures, and cleaning exam rooms. Clerical duties may be needed, such as verifying insurance coverage, collecting patient payments, scheduling appointments, adhering to HIPAA regulations, and other duties as assigned.

Do I have the correct qualifications? 

To apply to join our float staff team, we ask for a minimum of six months of experience working in an outpatient / urgent care setting. We also prefer that candidates have An AAS in Medical Assisting OR Medical Assistant Certification, although this is not a requirement.

I’m in! Where do I apply?

We are growing our team right now so apply today! Feel free to browse some other positions to gauge if anything else might be a good fit. For the Float Medical Assistant role specifically, look for #121819. We look forward to receiving your application!

If you’re still wondering if it’s the right job for you or if you have any other questions, please reach out to us directly as we’d be happy to help. You can find our contact information here.

Five Ways to Prioritize Mental Health

With World Mental Health on October 10th this year, we wanted to highlight this international day of significance which raises awareness of mental health issues and encourages their support. Mental health is different for everyone and can be impacted by things such as jobs, relationships, schooling, and just about anything else. At Med-Scribe, it’s extremely important to us that our candidates are in an environment that will support them taking care of their mental wellbeing. 

Healthcare professionals have felt the brunt of mental health wear and tear over the past eighteen months with the rise of Covid. Also, with the change of seasons in upstate New York, it’s not uncommon for some individuals to be impacted by Seasonal Affective Disorder as the daylight hours get shorter. 

With constantly shifting external factors, it’s important to have practices in place to support your own mental health and also the mental health of your peers and coworkers. Here are a few tips for doing so in whatever capacity feels manageable.

  1. Keep a list of always-accessible things that bring you joy.

    Not everyone has the ability to take time off or get away, especially those in the healthcare field. Instead, try keeping a list with your favorite movies, foods, and activities. If you enjoy reading, maybe it’s setting aside ten minutes after work to do that every day. Having accessible comfort options can be a micro stress reliever

  2. Take breaks from social media and the news.

    When feeling unmotivated and stressed, many of us fall victim to “doom scrolling,” which is when you spend large amounts of time on your phone or computer. While okay in moderation, this can lead to feelings of unproductivity and hopelessness. Unplugging even just for a few hours can make a huge difference.

  3. Facilitate open communication.

    This is especially important between employers and employees. Ask questions and don’t shy away from the tough topics like stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. Your employer will want to know how you’re doing, and having regular check-ins helps keep the two-way conversation going. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for support. Creating open dialogue will help you and your employer work together better in all facets of your working relationship.

  4. Prioritize a healthy work-life balance.

    Nothing leads to burn out faster than when work consumes every aspect of your life. You deserve to set boundaries and stick to them, and employers should do the same. Coming home should be an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. If you feel stuck and burnt out, consider bringing your concerns up to your employer. They might not realize how many extra hours you’re putting in and can help guide you toward better boundaries. 

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for support.

    Whether it be from an employer, family member, or friend – don’t be afraid to let someone know how you’re feeling. Coworkers and employers especially might know of free resources within the company that can help. Sometimes, all it takes is letting someone else know and not carrying that burden alone. 

These are some tried and true methods that have helped us personally, but remember that everyone is different and there is no strict formula for maintaining good mental health. Check in on yourself and check in with your friends, and most importantly know that you are never alone, even if it feels that way for a moment in time. 

For help finding mental health resources, call the NAMI Helpline at 800-950-NAMI or in a crisis, text “NAMI” to 741741. If you’re in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.


Five Remote Interview Tips

Remote job interviews have become increasingly common. You may be wondering how to ace an interview without the traditional in-person connection and conversation.  

That’s why we’ve put together the five best practices to prepare and make the most of a remote interview.


1.) Set the Scene

Interviewing from home gives you more flexibility than in-person so take advantage of it. Before your interview, find a place that is free of distractions, has an appropriate background and solid connection to the internet. Clear up any clutter, organize the room and take control of your surroundings. Minimize background noise and silence your devices to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. 

2.) Dress for Success

It may be tempting to throw on shorts or pajamas that will not be seen via video chat. However, being fully dressed will prepare you mentally for a professional setting and give you an extra confidence boost.

3.) Maintain Eye Contact 

Just because you are staring at your interviewer through a screen does not mean the basic rules of interviewing and conversation do not apply. Make sure when speaking and listening to simulate natural eye contact based upon where your webcam is located.

4.) Keep your Mic on

It may seem polite to have yourself muted when you are not talking to avoid interrupting but having your microphone unmuted at all times creates a more natural conversation than awkwardly pausing as you unmute yourself. 

5.) Take a Test Run

Before your interview, jump on early to make sure that your camera and microphone are working. This eliminates any surprises that might occur. A mock interview in advance is also a great idea to ease any nervousness and address any technical issues.