Three Tips for After You Receive A Job Offer

Congratulations, you’ve been offered the job! Now, what comes next? Here at Med-Scribe, our recruiters will work with you every step of the way, even after you secure the initial offer. Here are three tips we recommend once you’ve officially received an offer.

Tip #1: Take your time

This might seem like a silly one, but don’t rush into accepting an offer! While you’re considering it, send a thank you note for the job offer and establish a timeline with which you’ll be in touch. Remember to discuss with your family and ensure that you can secure necessary personal arrangements to allow for taking on a new position.  Most employers don’t expect an immediate response, so use this time to work with your recruiter and decide if the offer meets your expectations and how you’d like to proceed if it doesn’t.

Tip #2: Consider all aspects of the offer

While usually the salary is the most attention-grabbing part of the offer, our recruiters will work with candidates to go through all areas of the offer, such as the starting date, benefits, and expected hours. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the details and understand what’s ahead.

Tip #3: Know when to negotiate

Negotiating is typically the step in the process that makes candidates the most nervous. But that’s what we’re here for! Sometimes, there is no wiggle room for the employer or the initial offer is appropriate for the market. However, if this doesn’t seem to be the case – your recruiter will help you counter the offer and is armed with information ahead of time surrounding your hopes and expectations for a salary and important benefits for your lifestyle.

These are some of the steps we take to negotiate that salary:

  1. We start with an open discussion about salary – our recruiters will outline whether a counter offer may be appropriate for the position you are offered. Many clients have contractual obligations that may prevent them from offering flexible salaries, but in instances where a client may be open to a counter offer, your recruiter will walk you through the process. 
  2. Next, we will inquire about your desired salary relative to the position you are being offered. Remember to be realistic; take into consideration your education, past experience level, along with the average market rates being offered in your area. Ask your recruiter if you are unsure! Once you have settled on the dollar figure to counter, your recruiter will confirm that you are ready and willing to accept at that pay rate should the client approve the increase. We strongly recommend against proceeding with a counter offer if you are otherwise unsure that the position would be a good fit for you. 
  3. Finally, our recruiters will open an honest dialogue with our client regarding the counter offer. We will go to bat for you and will be sure your experience and education levels are being considered! The client will make the final decision on the salary figure offered, whether they match your counter offer, stick with the original offer, or settle on a dollar amount somewhere between.  

If you have questions for us after hearing back from an employer with good news, we’re here to help and work with you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to help you succeed in the career of your dreams. Learn more about our team of recruiters here, how to yield results with your job search here, and our resume builder toolkit here.