Testimonial: We’ll find what’s right for you

We appreciate that no job is a “one size fits all” scenario. We’re passionate about helping jobseekers find what’s right for them. We take the time to sit down with all of our candidates and learn exactly what they’re looking for, along with exactly what they’re not. Watch the video below to hear more about Jordan’s experience finding a career through Med-Scribe.

“They worked so hard with my contracting agency.” We worked diligently to create a plan that allows for flexibility and time off after hearing the wonderful news that Jordan was going to be a foster parent!

Jordan is still happily employed as a CAS assessor at Med-Scribe with her 2 year anniversary quickly approaching!

Our team at Med-Scribe has helped thousands of candidates find jobs right for them. To get the best results out of your experience working with Med-Scribe, it is important that you express what is most important to YOU when considering a new position. Our friendly recruiters will ask you about your desired pay rate, schedule, commute time (or preference for remote work), and benefits needs. It is also critical to let us know the type of work you are seeking – do you love working with customers, or do you prefer more of a behind-the-scenes role with limited customer interaction for example. Do you enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to grow?  The more detail you can provide, the more accurately we can match you with that “best fit” position that you’ve been looking for!  

While we are always dedicated to finding each candidate a position as soon as possible, we also want to take the time to discuss what works best for you and your vision for your future. We can help negotiate salary and benefits and care about your needs as an employee first and foremost. It’s so important to us to be listeners and provide a stress-free, supportive experience. We’re cheering you on and want to help you succeed in any way that we can.

If you’d like to see more testimonials and to learn more about Med-Scribe, visit our website here.