A Day in the Life of a Med-Scribe Recruiter

We have a team of incredible recruiters at Med-Scribe working hard to field applications and help job candidates find their perfect fit. In our new two-part blog series, “A Day in the Life…” We’re breaking things down from the perspective of our Med-Scribe recruiters and field staff members. In this blog, we’ll focus on Med-Scribe recruiters and what their day-to-day looks like, along with how they field applicants and bring new team members to our field staff. 

As a recruiter, our number one priority is to place job candidates in positions that line up with their qualifications and preferences. This starts at the application process, which is why having an updated resume is so crucial. Your application will help us determine roles and positions that might be the best fit for you. It will also help us better understand your unique interests, hobbies, etc.

After going through applications, we like to begin our candidate contact with a brief “phone screen” where our team will narrows in on each candidate’s specific job search needs. While a candidate may apply for a particular position, we often have multiple roles that they could be qualified for. The phone screen is a great way to get to know you better!  After the phone screen, qualified candidates are scheduled for a phone interview to begin their formal registration with Med-Scribe. Our recruiters love to interview – learning all about each candidate’s particular strengths and goals helps us to effectively match them with positions where they will excel. Outside of phone screens and interviewing, the team at Med-Scribe also touches base with current employees for regular check-ins on how their placements are going. Additionally, we’re communicating with our clients throughout each day to present them with qualified candidates, to facilitate interviewing at the client worksites, and to gather details for new positions or formal job offers! Each day is different here at Med-Scribe – and our recruiting team enjoys the challenge, along with the satisfaction of finding the perfect new position for our wonderful candidates!

Once an offer has been extended, it’s important to us to help you receive the compensation and benefits that meet your qualifications. We assist in salary negotiations and our solid reputation as consistent high-performers in the recruitment of top-notch staff for our clients gives applicants a strong starting point. We are here for you, not only to aid in sorting logistics but also to cheer you on!

Lastly, once placed, we love to keep in touch! We want to know how our candidates are doing. Are you happy with your placement? Do you feel supported in your position? Is there anything you wish could have happened differently? Feedback makes our team of recruiters, and Med-Scribe as a whole, stronger. We care that you’re content and feeling stable.

That’s the typical day-in-the-life of a Med-Scribe recruiter! We truly feel so honored to work with candidates and clients every day. Nothing is more important to us than helping candidates find where they’re meant to belong. If you’re interested in joining our team as a recruiter, learn more here!

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