Christina C.

My time working with Med-Scribe was wonderful.  This was my first time using a staffing agency and my experience was wonderful.  They made the hiring process very easy and were so helpful!  The staff is kind, patient, and helpful.  They were always available to answer any questions I had.  I took the typing test in a private room all by myself, which made the experience less stressful.  They even offered to let me take it more than once if needed, although I only took it the one time.  The interview experience was also very positive, the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed and were receptive to any/all of my questions.  They also made the hiring process extremely easy, setting up my interview with my now-employer, and they notified me of the job offer almost immediately after my interview took place.  Throughout my time working for Med-Scribe, they were very flexible to any of my schedule changes and provided consistent feedback.  They were on time with my payments every weeks and were so kind as to pay for my temporary parking pass so that I didn’t have to pay to park every day at work.  I have nothing but positive things to say about Med-Scribe!