Janna B.

This company is absolutely amazing and has such friendly staff.  I definitely recommend them!

Kim TW.

Med-Scribe has been great to work with.  Everyone I have had contact with is friendly and helpful.  The majority of my communication has been with Kelly.  I can’t say enough positives about her.  I was so surprised to receive an email asking for me to check in and share how my day went after my first day at the new job.  It’s truly refreshing to have so much support.

Kaitlyn D.

I had a very hard time finding a job, that was until I found Med-Scribe.  Med-Scribe worked very hard to find me a job placement that I would love!  They found me a perfect fit at my new job.  They check in periodically and encourage you to reach out if there is ANYTHING wrong, no matter how little.  I am very pleased with my experience with Med-Scribe and will definitely recommend it to all of my friends/family.

Tomicka M.

Ryan was amazing!  Within a couple of weeks she had identified a position that was a perfect fit with my skills and experience.  Ryan was there to check-in on me while I went through the interview process.  Once hired, Ryan helped me with the paperwork the pre-employment requirements. I won’t start my new position for a week and Ryan has checked in with me regularly.  Not only was Med-Scribe there to identify the position for me, they walked through each step of the hiring process.  I received individualized attention which surpassed my expectations.  When I was first contacted regarding my resume, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  However, I’m eternally grateful for Ryan and her staff.  The support, professionalism, and encouragement was something you wouldn’t have expected from a recruiting firm.  Med-Scribe, Inc. is a great asset and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the job market.

Tracey J.

Med-Scribe, Inc. is an absolute pleasure to work with.  The company is extremely professional and proactive at placing staff in the best possible job.  They continuously shared all new/available opportunities to book interviews at the time I was looking for a position.  Thanks to Med-Scribe, I have been happily employed for 6 months.  I would highly recommend Med-Scribe, Inc. to help you get placed in your next job assignment (whether it is temporary or permanent).

Kyle T.

At Med-Scribe I know any questions I have, I can always ask my supervisors and coworkers for help.  I enjoy working at Med-Scribe because I feel appreciated and supported.