Position Feature: What is a Float Medical Assistant with Med-Scribe?

Med-scribe’s primary care float staff are starting at a NEW higher rate of $18/hr. and travel is minimal!  We’re seeing many Primary Care Offices in the area hungry for help and in need of having an extra set of hands-on their team. Our permanent, full-time employees support primary care offices with professional assistance throughout patient encounters. Some people might shy away from the idea of being a Float Medical Assistant because the term “float” sparks feelings of job insecurity or the need to travel. However, that isn’t the case at all! We’re going to break down what exactly a Float Medical Assistant does and what you can expect from this exciting position as a Med-Scribe hire.

What does being part of a “float staff” mean?

Joining our float staff means that you would be hired full-time to join our team of healthcare professionals with the intent to provide coverage at offices throughout Monroe County. You would be assigned as a full-time employee to various medical offices we serve whenever they need help. Not only does this give you ample opportunities to get your foot in the door with Primary Care Offices, but it also will expand your skillset. Many offices work slightly differently than others, so having a wide array of experiences and connections is an amazing resume booster and networking device.

Would I have to work crazy hours?

Not at all! As a Float Medical Assistant, you would typically work 40 hours a week Monday-Friday. There are no weekend, evening, or holiday hours required. In fact, if the office you are assigned to closes early, you are still paid for a full 8-hour shift! Your 40-hour schedule is guaranteed! This allows for a healthy work/life balance and especially might be of interest to those with little ones at home.

But what about benefits?

Med-Scribe float staff receive medical insurance, vision insurance, pet insurance, PTO, vacation, paid holidays, and a 401k with employer match. Plus, most benefits don’t have a waiting period before they’re activated. It’s a win on both ends! Compare our benefits to other agencies, and you’ll see the difference – we have a terrific Excellus BCBS plan that is accepted at most medical offices.

What are the responsibilities of a Float Medical Assistant?

As a Float Medical Assistant, you will perform clinical duties such as rooming patients, taking vitals including EKGs, setting up procedures, and cleaning exam rooms. Clerical duties may be needed, such as verifying insurance coverage, collecting patient payments, scheduling appointments, adhering to HIPAA regulations, and other duties as assigned.

Do I have the correct qualifications? 

To apply to join our float staff team, we ask for a minimum of six months of experience working in an outpatient / urgent care setting. We also prefer that candidates have An AAS in Medical Assisting OR Medical Assistant Certification, although this is not a requirement.

I’m in! Where do I apply?

We are growing our team right now so apply today! Feel free to browse some other positions to gauge if anything else might be a good fit. For the Float Medical Assistant role specifically, look for #121819. We look forward to receiving your application!

If you’re still wondering if it’s the right job for you or if you have any other questions, please reach out to us directly as we’d be happy to help. You can find our contact information here.

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