Five Remote Interview Tips

Remote job interviews have become increasingly common. You may be wondering how to ace an interview without the traditional in-person connection and conversation.  

That’s why we’ve put together the five best practices to prepare and make the most of a remote interview.


1.) Set the Scene

Interviewing from home gives you more flexibility than in-person so take advantage of it. Before your interview, find a place that is free of distractions, has an appropriate background and solid connection to the internet. Clear up any clutter, organize the room and take control of your surroundings. Minimize background noise and silence your devices to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. 

2.) Dress for Success

It may be tempting to throw on shorts or pajamas that will not be seen via video chat. However, being fully dressed will prepare you mentally for a professional setting and give you an extra confidence boost.

3.) Maintain Eye Contact 

Just because you are staring at your interviewer through a screen does not mean the basic rules of interviewing and conversation do not apply. Make sure when speaking and listening to simulate natural eye contact based upon where your webcam is located.

4.) Keep your Mic on

It may seem polite to have yourself muted when you are not talking to avoid interrupting but having your microphone unmuted at all times creates a more natural conversation than awkwardly pausing as you unmute yourself. 

5.) Take a Test Run

Before your interview, jump on early to make sure that your camera and microphone are working. This eliminates any surprises that might occur. A mock interview in advance is also a great idea to ease any nervousness and address any technical issues.