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Med-Scribe recruits for jobs in the healthcare and medical fields for a large variety of postions such as RN’s, LPN, and medical office staff. Apply at Med-Scribe today!To apply for a position with Med-Scribe, Inc., please complete our application entirely, including full employment history for at least the past five years. Resumes should NOT be pasted into the form.

Please reference a specific job number, or numbers, separated with commas.  Submissions without valid job numbers are not considered complete, and will not be reviewed.

Multiple applications are NOT needed.  Application will stay valid for six months, as long as the information provided remains the same.  To be considered for additional positions after application is submitted, please call 1-800-278-1463 and have the job number available, or email us and put the job number in the subject line.

If you are seeking a medical transcription company, please do not complete our application.  There is one company that shares our name, they use a hyphen (-) in their domain name. We do not offer at-home transcription work.

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Med-Scribe, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.

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